Rakhi is the name for Passion Flower.

So why name this blog Free Rakhi?   Because if I could give flowers to all the world and I could do it free.

I would.

I love flowers and they have long since been in the history of our world as signs of LOVE, FORGIVENESS, CELEBRATION and for SENSATIONAL Relaxation.

This blog is meant to explore all types of flowers and a little bit of Indian culture.

I absolutely love Rakhi and I’m obsessed with Indian Garmets that are popping up all over the world!

Rakhi reminds me of the word Raku so I might even talk about that because just like the Rakhi, Raku is mysterious and beautiful.

So what does a Rakhi look like anyways?



Isn’t it Cool!   It’s a very unique and advance flower.  Not only that, it also have medicinal properties!  However, don’t confuse this flower with the passionflower that is native to Nashville.  They are 2 different species.

Rakhi passionflower is used for anxiety, sleep problems, nervousness, Stomach and Intestine problems and narcotic withdrawals.

It can also be used for asthma (which I suffer from…so I should try this!) ADD (I probably have that too….hey look!  A fly!), and many other ailments that I’ll explore on this blog.

My intention is to not only discuss my love for flowers but to also show you my love for plants in general and their medicinal properties!

Plants are amazing!

Now, back to Rakhi.

Rakhi is actually approved by the U.S. Government as and over-the-counter sleep aid!  Crazy huh?
It makes me think that all those poppies in The Wizard of Oz should have been passion flowers instead.

For one, the Rakhi is way prettier than a poppy (just my humble opinion).  I’m sick of seeing poppies on everything.

It’s time to give Rakhi the spot light!  PassionFlower POWER!

I wonder what the first person who saw a passion flower thought.  I bet you it was amazing.

If you’ve never seen these spectacular flowers in person, you need to hop on the Bus (or the limo!) and go to a Botanical Garden or anywhere that these beauties grow.

They truly are an amazing plant!

If you have not been to Hawaii you don’t know what you are missing.  For those that have, you know what I am talking about.

Hawaii is a very unique and beautiful place.  And it’s flowers are as distinct and amazing as the islands themselves. Lets look at a few of Hawaii’s flowers.

The yellow hibiscus is widely associated to Hawaii, and for good reason.  It is the state flower.

yellow hibiscus

Pretty amazing huh?

Each Hawaii island has it’s own flower type it is known for.  The Big Island, also known as Hawaii, official flower is the red ohia.  But is is not only red, it can be found in other colors as well, like yellow, white and even orange.  The red ohia is considered a sacred flower.

red ohia

Kauai is one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii.  It gets a lot of rainfall and is very lush.  This island has an official flower that is not really a flower.  It is a berry, go figure how that happened.   But it is what it is.  Check it out.


The island of Oahu is known as the gathering place.  It has the right name because it is the most populated of all the islands, by a lot.  But is has a very pretty official flower, the yellow ilima.    It looks a little bit like a smaller hibiscus and is used in Leis.

yellow ilima

The island of Maui is a magical place with lots of very private and secluded spots.  It has some of the most beautiful beaches.  It’s official flower is the pink lokelani.  It is as awesome as Maui itself.

pink lokelani

The island of Molokai is known for it’s leper colony.  The leper colony does not exist anymore but long ago anyone with leprosy in Hawaii was banished to Molokai.  With that being said, it does have an official flower like the other islands – the white kukui blossom.

white kukui blossom

So there you have it.  A little taste of Hawaiian flowers.  As beautiful as the islands are, the native flowers add so much to their beauty.  Hawaii is definitely worth a visit, and if you have been there it is time to think about another trip.  Aloha!






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